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ATES s.r.l.



The company, led by the sole director Ugo Ottaviano Zanello, deals with the management of heat and public lighting, for the 6 municipalities members (Trezzo sull'Adda, Vaprio d'Adda, Pozzo d'Adda, Grezzago, Orio al Serio and Busnago).
Ates guarantees the constant efficiency of the heating system of the municipal property throughout the winter season, and the production of domestic hot water during summer, acting as a third party. Since 2007-2008, following the qualification of its staff, the service has been provided without contributions from external parties. Since 2008-2009, the service has been transformed into a heat service, which also provides for the rehabilitation of thermal power plants, the direct purchase of fuel and the installation of control systems (thermostatic valves, remote control), in order to maximize energy savings both in production and in the use of heat. Ates also manages the heat service for the rest home and the municipal swimming pool in Trezzo sull'Adda.



 Zanello Ugo Ottaviano- € 25.000 

Tax code/VAT number:


Capital stock:

 € 83.000,00

Registered office: 

 Via Roma, 3 20056 Trezzo s/Adda (MI)




 29,52% of the capital stock

Time commitment:


Contributions to the Administration:


No. of representatives of the Administration:


Final balance 2013:

 € 28.451,00

Final balance 2014:

 € 30.475,00

Final balance 2015:

 € 121.882,00

Tax on the budget of the municipality:

 € 801.160,00