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Commerce and production activities


Town Planning Department

Supervisor: Fausto Negri +39 0290933228
Department manager:   Marco Colombo +39 0290933274
Contact persons:

Carlo Pozzi

+39 0290933222


Lorena Gambirasi

+39 0290933276





First floor, Municipality of Trezzo sull'Adda, via Roma 5


Services and functions

The One-stop Shop for Production Activities provides the following services: administrative functions relating to the construction, restoration, extension, suspension, reactivation, reconversion, localization of production facilities. 

It is available online only at this LINK

This service deals also with the issuance of permits relating to the general plan of billposting.


  • Submission of SCIA (beginning of works declaration)- form A: € 40,00
  • Submission of SCIA - form B: € 10,00
  • Administrative authorization for medium and large selling places: € 60,00
  • Commercial authorization on public areas: € 30,00
  • Certification under art. 21 of Regional Law No. 6/2010: € 60,00
  • Issue or change of trading licence under art. 21 of Regional Law No. 6/2010: € 60,00
  • Authentication of the registers of Administrative Police: € 15,00 every 10 pages
  • Succession of medium selling places: € 100,00
  • Selling places: € 1,000,00

Production activities

  • Submission of SCIA - form A (up to 15 employees): € 50,00
  • Submission of SCIA - form A (more than 15 employees): € 80,00
  • Submission of SCIA - form B: € 20,00

Payment methods

  • At the Treasury of Banca Popolare di Sondrio, via Gramsci 10, by these modes:

a) cash
b) banker's draft made out to the Treasury of the Municipality of Trezzo
c) bank transfer - IBAN IT11L0569633920000005000X28 (you cannot ask for immediately available funds)

  • At the counter of Spazio Più of the Municipality of Trezzo and Concesa by POS service
  • On the website  www.comune.trezzosulladda.mi.it clicking on “Paga online” (for payments up to € 3,000,00)
  • By postal account no. 35354208 made out to the Municipality of Trezzo – Treasury service

PLEASE NOTE: when electronic submission is needed, the payment receipt must be scanned and attached, or the documentation will be inadmissible. In all other cases the receipt must be produced.

The declarations of beginning of works (SCIA) relating to reports on commercial, craft, industrial activities dealing with food and which are sent to the Local Health Authority must be accompanied by the receipt of payment of € 50,00 on postal account no. 28149201 made out to ASL MILANO 2 with this object: Submission of SCIA.


The forms for online procedures are available in the Sportello Telematico SpazioPiù, all the other forms can be found in the online forms section.