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Cultural associations

associazioni culturali

Gruppo Artisti Trezzesi

Chairman: Donatella Leoni
Via Amendola n. 6 - 20056 Trezzo sull'Adda (MI)
For information: 3477468467 
Email: donatellaleoni@tiscali.it
Number of members: 30
Presentation of the association: 
The cultural association called “Gruppo Artisti Trezzesi” (Group of Artists of Trezzo) promotes the free expression of its members, through art exhibitions in public and private facilities, carries out voluntary activities, interacts with other cultural associations.

Gruppo Eventi For You

Contact person: SALA OMAR

Gruppo Teatrale il Portico

Manager: Vittorio Riva
Via Mons. Grisetti
Trezzo sull'Adda
Tel: 0290938049
Number of members: about 30 


Contact person: Merletti Beatrice
Via Michelangelo 21
Ludus in Fabula
Association for the promotion of smart entertainment
Chairman: Enrico Scolari
Via Mazzini, 65
Trezzo sull'Adda

Pro Loco Trezzo

Chairman: Luca Ratti

Via Valverde 33
Trezzo sull'Adda
Tel: 029092569 / 3459132210
Number of members: about 500 

Photoogallery Trezzo sull'Adda
Pro Loco Trezzo Facebook


Manager: Adolfo Milani
Tel. 02 9090949
Mobile. 340 5349861
Presentation of the association: 
In 2001, Adolfo Milani founded the group “PAROLAZIONE“ of which he is a director and sole manager. The name expresses the articulation of the theatre machine and the union between sound and movement. The group operates mainly in Trezzo, rehearses and works at the library “IL GABBIANO” and seeks ‘potential’ perfection: the word in its pure state as center and engine, as a synthesis between substance and form.
The actors of this group have attended elocution classes, promoted by the Municipalities and held by Adolfo Milani.
In its first five years of life, the group studied, experimented and committed to reading. Now, “PAROLAZIONE” is ready to tell a story.
Since September 5th, 2007, “Parolazione” has had an Act of Incorporation, a tax code 91565380150 and a Statute of Association with cultural purposes and not for profit.

Società Operaia di Mutuo Soccorso

Chairman: Gian Pietro Colombo (Tel. 3389789575)
Deputy chairman: Danilo Cereda
Secretary: Adriana Mariani
Piazza S.Stefano, 2
Trezzo sull'Adda
Presentation of the association:
Founded in 1879 in Trezzo sull'adda, the Società Operaia di Mutuo Soccorso was among the first associations in Italy. In the last century, peasants and workers lived a hard life, with a very low income and without the opportunity to improve their future. The first political and labour unrests began to arise and the ruling classes thought that, in order to have and keep social peace, it was essential to improve the living conditions of workers and their families. Therefore, on January 1st, 1879 the "Società operaia di mutuo soccorso” of Trezzo sull'adda was founded by its first chairman, the marquis Ariberto Crivelli. The workers who joined the association understood that with unity and solidarity they could be less subject to the will of the ruling classes and have a guaranteed minimum income. So they were willing to sacrifice their little income to pay the membership fee that would have been returned to them in the shape of a daily grant in case of illness. Nowadays, the “Società operaia di mutuo soccorso” continues to keep alive the spirit of such partnership. It doesn’t manage works of assistance anymore, but promotes cultural and social initiatives that embody the values of associationism, fraternity and solidarity.


Youth and cultural association
c/o Diego Torri
via Giovine Italia 17

Università del Tempo Libero "Castello Visconteo"

Chairman: Laura Bestetti
Secretary: Mariangela Grassi

Via Nenni 10
at Auditorium I.T.C.G.P. "Jacopo Nizzola"
Trezzo sull'Adda
Tel: 0290962492
Number of members: 120
Presentation of the association:
Active since 1991, every year this university organizes the calendar of lessons, which are held on Wednesdays and Thursdays from October to May at the Jacopo Nizzola institute (via Nenni,10). The classes range from art history to philosophy and psychology and from financial instruments to the history of religions. The teachers are university professors or scholars. There is also a rich calendar of guided visits to exhibitions in Italy and plays in different theatres in Milan. Over the years, the university has obtained the patronage of the Municipality of Trezzo, Vaprio, Masate and Basiano.


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