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How to gain access to the public service

Municipal employees are hired:

  • By public competition based on qualifications and exams or by tests aimed at assessing the professionalism required, including psycho-vocational tests;
  • By employment of people registered in unemployment lists for job titles requiring only compulsory education, except for any additional requirements for particular jobs;
  • By employment of people registered in special unemployment lists formed of candidates with legally protected status, according to law no. 68/99;
  • By voluntary redundancy;
  • By training and employment contracts.

The Municipality may create lists for temporary staffing up. Competitive state exams should be held in a fair, opportune, economical and swift way. The methods of recruitment, the competitions and the requirements to gain access to public service are governed by the regulations on the system of offices and services and by decree no. 487/94. Participation in competitions is not subject to age limits, except for the selections for training and employment contracts, where the maximum age is 32 years old.