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Human resources and organization

risorse umane

Support services department

Department manager: 

Emmanuele Moriggi
Email: personale@comune.trezzosulladda.mi.it 
Elena Cambiaghi +39 02 90933258
Sonia Tuveri +39 02 90933257
Address:  First floor, Municipality of Trezzo sull'Adda, Via Roma 5

This department deals with:

  • Support in organizational planning (organization of offices and services, staffing, three-year plan of recruitment, budget plan of employees and collaborators);
  • Management of labour relations (information, consultation, bargaining): technical and legal support for drawing contracts;
  • Relations with  trade unions (leaves of absence, days off, check-off);
  • Personnel selections;
  • Survey on employees’ attendance and legal treatment of employees;
  • Supervision over legal and contractual regulations of working time (holidays, leaves, strikes, days off, disease and requests for official medical checks);
  • Economic treatment of employees: payment of salaries and relevant fulfilments;
  • Management of workers’ safety: health surveillance and inspection on the implementation of safety measures;
  • Staff training;
  • Management of meal tickets;
  • Security’s treatment of the staff;
  • Examination of accidents at work;
  • Annual declaration of disabled people according to Law no. 68/1999;
  • Certifications concerning non self-employed work;
  • Statistics and reports relating to employees (financial statement of staff expenditure and relevant report);
  • Supervision of the legal department relating to business relations;
  • Announcement for casual work at the Municipality of Trezzo sull’Adda.

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