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Local police

polizia locale

Chief of Police:  Sara Bosatelli 
Telephone: Freephone number 800121910 or 02 90933284
Fax: +39 0290933211 
Email: polizia.locale@comune.trezzosulladda.mi.it
Address:  Via Gramsci 8, Trezzo sull'Adda


Since March 12, 2012, the counter of the Local Police has been managed by SpazioPiù.

Service workers: Chief Constable Bisighini Luciano Francesco; Policewoman Bugada Mirella; Sergeant Scotti Giuliano; Sergeant Minelli Antonio; Police constable Camagni Paolo; Police constable Mazzola Simone; Police constable Rossi Saverio; Police corporal Fochini Ugo; Police officer Dentella Simona; Police officer Bisighini Francesca Romana.

Administrative support staff: Barzaghi Rosanna; Brambilla Rosella

Accounting officer: Locatelli Giuliana

Services and functions

C.O.S.A.P - Tax for public property occupation
To occupy a municipal area you must submit a special application to the municipality. The occupation is permanent if it lasts more than one year. It is temporary if it lasts less than a year. The Local Police Office issues the authorization or permit and imposes the rent. Payment must be done by postal payment slip made out to the Municipality of Trezzo sull’Adda - Servizio di Tesoreria c.c.p. 35354208. Paying-in slips are available at the Local Police Office.
General aerial photograph 
Town aerial photograph 
COSAP regulations


  • Notification of ascertainment of offence within 90 days;
  • Time for payment: within 60 days after the notification of ascertainment.

If you do not pay the reduced amount, the police statement shall be enforceable for a sum equal to half the maximum penalty plus expenses of proceedings.
If you don’t pay, you may lodge an appeal within 60 days after the notification of the report:

1. to the prefect of Milan on unstamped paper to be submitted to the Local police station of Trezzo, or directly to the Prefecture;
2. to the justice of the peace of Cassano d’Adda, by handing it in at the registry of the Court of Cassano or sending it by recorded delivery letter with advice of delivery.
New rate book of administrative fines


  • Accidents without victims: to obtain a copy of the accident report, please apply to the Local police station of Trezzo;
  • Accidents with victims: get in advance a permit from the public Prosecutor's Office in Milan.

Costs: revenue stamp of € 16.00 (to be attached to the request)- € 60.00 for the issuance of accident reports with or without wounded people - € 100.00 for the issuance of accident reports with dead or injured people with uncertain prognosis.


Citizens can make proposals to change the road system. The local police will inspect the feasibility of the proposal.


Under art. 12 of the Highway Code, the police may tow away vehicles and this is a fine in addition to those provided for by art. 159 of the Highway Code.


Penalties range from a minimum to a maximum, as it is determined by each regulation. Disciplinary proceedings follow the provisions of law no. 689, November 24, 1981.


Assessments by the local police of Trezzo are made at the request of the Register Office.


To request an involuntary treatment, citizens shall submit a certificate of a GP or specialist of the Local Health Authority to the Local police station of Trezzo. The Mayor issues the hospitalization order.


Proposal of involuntary treatment


Confirmation of involuntary treatment

Doctor of Public Health

Ordinance of involuntary treatment

Mayor of the Municipality where the proposal is made

Transfer to the place of the treatment

Local Police

Proposal for revocation or extension of the treatment

Doctor in charge of SPDC

Intervention if necessary and requested by the local police or Mayor

Police or Carabinieri

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