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Register Office and Cemetery

anagrafe, stato civile, elettorale, servizi cimiteriali

Citizen Services Department

Department manager:  Milena Bertaglio  
Office manager: Ruggero Bonfanti +39 0290933231
Contact persons: Marzia Barzaghi +39 0290933230
  Maria Rita Bizzocoli +39 0290933236


Address: Ground floor, Municipality of Trezzo sull'Adda, via Roma 5  


The services provided are:

Change of address abroad

Italian citizens moving abroad for a period of more than a year shall ask for enrolment in the Registry of Italians Resident Abroad (A.I.R.E.), by following this procedure:

Requests can be submitted to the Register Office, through the SpazioPiù counter, by filling in a special form. Within 90 days after moving abroad, Italian citizens shall ask for A.I.R.E. enrolment to the locally competent consular office or to the Italian Embassy (if the submission of the declaration will not be confirmed by the consular office or the Embassy, the applicant will be cancelled from the civil registry because of untraceableness).


This service deals with conscription records and with the update of matriculation roles.
Citizens can apply to this office for certificates of conscription’s results and matriculation roles.

Statistical service

The Statistical Service works in partnership with the ISTAT (Italian National Institute of Statistics) and, in addition to periodic surveys, it occasionally carries out studies on families’ habits, etc. It also deals with the organization of the decennial census.

Registration on the electoral rolls and issue of voter ID cards

When people turn eighteen, they are automatically registered on the electoral rolls of the municipality of residence and given a voter ID card, which allows them to vote for 18 elections. This document should be kept with care, updated with the adhesive coupons received by the Municipality in case of changes and, when voting, it must be shown to the chief electoral officer together with an ID document. In case of loss, theft or damage, you can apply to the Municipality for the issuance of a duplicate. In case of transfer, the Electoral Office of the new municipality of residence will issue a new voter ID card upon return of the other one.

List of scrutineers

This list is composed of the persons wanting to be scrutineers at the polling stations. The appointment of the suitable persons is made by the Electoral Commission 20 days before each election. This list is updated annually and those who want to be included shall submit  an application to the Electoral Office by November 30.

List of chief electoral officers

This list is filed at the Court of Appeal and is updated annually. People who want to be included shall submit an application to the Mayor within October. On the basis of the requests, the Electoral Office Manager will propose to the Court of Appeal the names of the persons to be entered in the list. The chief electoral officers are appointed by the Court of Appeal.



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