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Registration of births

Births can be registered:

  • at the Health Department of the hospital or nursing home where the birth took place (within three days);
  • at the Office of Vital Records of the Municipality where the birth took place (within ten days);
  • at the Office of Vital Records of the Municipality of residence of the parents or one of them (within ten days).

Required documents

  • Identity document
  • certificate of birth issued by the birth center

The birth certificate will be immediately recorded and forwarded to the Register Office, in order to include the new-born baby in the register of residents. The Register Office will forward the child's data to the Revenue Agency that will enter them in the Tax Register (Anagrafe tributaria) and will give the tax identification number. Parents will receive the communication of the tax number and afterwards the Health Insurance Card.


Before celebrating a civil or religious wedding ceremony, the engaged couple or the parish priest shall apply for the banns. The necessary documents will be collected by the Registrar. The banns will be posted for 8 days; these banns don’t bind the fiancés but the wedding can be celebrated within 180 days after the publication. Within 5 days, the religious marriage certificate will be forwarded by the parish priest to the Registrar who will record it and inform the Register Office that will update the relevant documents.

Reservation of municipal rooms for wedding ceremonies

How to book rooms for wedding ceremonies: Bernabò Room of the Visconti Castle, Ceremony room of Villa Cavenago and of Villa Appiani.


The death of a person must be reported to the Registrar of the place where it took place within 24 hours. If death takes place in an hospital or nursing home, the person in charge must inform the Registrar. You cannot bury a deceased person without the burial permit of the Registrar.

Cemetery services

Burials, cemetery concessions, new contracts for votive lamps.


To cremate a body, the following documents are required:

  • Request form by a relative or delegate;
  • Will of the deceased person (in its absence, the wish must be expressed with an act written by the spouse or by the nearest relative);
  • If the dead person was a member of an association recognized for this purpose, the request signed by him and validated by the president of the association;
  • Certificate of death and burial permit;
  • Certificate of the medical examiner;
  • Authorization of the judicial authority in case of violent or suspicious death.

Other services

  • Recognition of natural children
  • Adoption procedures
  • Procedures relating to legal separation, dissolution of marriage, ending of the civil effects of marriage, changes to the separation or divorce conditions
  • House numbering