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Social services

Politiche sociali

Welfare Services Department

Department manager:

Stefania Mapelli

Contact persons:

Alida Locatelli, Paolo Maspero, Laura Mariani

Social workers:

Elena Silvestri, Federica Villa 

Social welfare assistants: 

Giuseppina Mapelli, Elena Sala

Telephone: +39 0290933232 - 0290933237 - 0290933272
Email: servizi.sociali@comune.trezzosulladda.mi.it
Address: Town Hall, via Roma 5, Trezzo sull’Adda – Second floor

Services and functions

This office deals with social services and policies.
Interventions are divided into the following areas:

  • ADULT AREA: issues relating to families in difficulty, cultural integration of foreigners (see the list of STARS counters), assistance to individuals with disabilities;
  • ELDERLY AREA: issues relating to assistance and care of the elderly;
  • MINORS AND FAMILY AREA: issues relating to the protection of minors and assistance to families with difficulties.

The main services provided in these areas are as follows:

  • Social secretariat;
  • Economic assistance;
  • Home care;
  • Distribution of meals on wheels;
  • Helpline;
  • Transport;
  • Support and guidance for people with disabilities;
  • Work placement;
  • Support to families;
  • Summer camps;
  • Fun activities for kids;
  • Orizzonte donna” service (for women)
  • Affido vicino” project.

Associated management of social services

Most social services are managed through an agreement with OFFERTASOCIALE Consortium, a public company composed of 29 municipalities located in the area of Vimercate and Trezzo.
The services are as follows:

  • Management of the day care centre for disabled people of Trezzo, Cornate, Vimercate and Usmate;
  • Work placement for underprivileged people;
  • Housing community: reception of children from 10 years old that need to be temporarily removed from their family of origin;
  • Remote assistance for the elderly or people with limited autonomy;
  • Juvenile crime unit: aimed at protecting and socially reintegrating children who committed criminal offences;
  • “Spazio Giovani” project for the development and promotion of youth policies;
  • Child protection: a team of psychologists deal with complex situations involving children to support the work of social workers. This service is only provided to small towns, while larger ones have their own teams;
  • Home care for children and disabled people;
  • Assistance in schools for children with disabilities;
  • Educational and support services in nurseries and schools;
  • Guidance, assistance and job training to people in need;
  • Stars: cultural integration of foreigners through 8 information desks in the town and other services;
  • Local plan: three-year planning document that the municipalities must have in compliance with Law 328/2000. It is a plan that governs social services.

For information: www.offertasociale.it

Documents and forms