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Sports associations

associazioni sportive


A Japanese massage technique that allows you to communicate with your body in a natural, gentle and non-invasive way. It is done by massaging various pressure points along the meridian pathways of the body. These are considered as channels where the energy of the individual flows. In addition, you can repair the bridge to the inner self.
Seat: Gym of the primary school
Via Mazzini, 1
Trezzo sull'Adda
For information and enrollment: Iore Amalia
Tel: 0290937061


Lessons of Yoga with teachers belonging to the Federazione Italiana Yoga
Tuesdays from 20.00 to 21.30 at the gym of the primary school in Trezzo – Via Mazzini

Wednesday mornings from 9:30 to 11:00 at the gym of the municipal swimming-pool in Trezzo - Via P. Nenni n. 4

Chairman: Pierre Morelli
For information: 346.8229302
Email: spazioyogabenesserebg@gmail.com
: spazioyogabenessere

Tennis Club Trezzo

Chairman: Anna Belloli Seat: Via Dante, 16
Trezzo sull'Adda
Tel and Fax: 0290939711

Trezzo Kayak

Chairman: Andrea Valsecchi Via Nenni c/o municipal swimming-pool
Trezzo sull'Adda
Tel and Fax (chairman): 035657265

Presentation of the association:
This association was founded in 1988 and has around 70 members. It promotes river sports, canoeing, kayaking, with instructors and athletes participating in national competitions. Each year, it organizes trips to Italian and European rivers, canoe trips for all, free canoeing trials for associations, recreation centres, summer camps, etc.

Tritium Pescatori Dilettanti

Person in charge: Cesare Teoldi via S. Marta, 38
Trezzo sull'Adda
Tel: 0290961363

Tritium sub activity

An association of friends that have a passion for diving. They also work as technical operators and divers of the civil protection. They perform underwater works, shooting and trips to sea, lakes and rivers. The group is open to everyone.

Person in charge: Stefano Zonca
Via Silvio Pellico 24/A
20056 Trezzo sull'Adda
Tel/Fax: 0290987122
Mobile: 3484976194

Velo Club Trezzo - cycling club

Chairman: Mario Zampieri
Deputy chairman: Luigi Lecchi Piazza Crivelli, 11
Trezzo sull'Adda
Tel: 029091907

Secretary: Adolfo Luigi Brambilla

fax - tel: 039-6956476
Email:  amba23@libero.it

Contact person: Angelo Gaetano Beretta

tel: 02-9091907
Email:  beretta.an@alice.it


Cultural association 'Dimensione Yoga' Seat: gym of the primary school
Via Don Gnocchi
Duration: 2 meetings a week (90 min.) 
Mondays and Thursdays from 20.00 to 21.30
Tuesdays and Fridays from 20.30 to 22
Period: October/May 
Enrollment until March 
For information: Priore Giuseppe
tel. 0290962255


Contact person: GONG MONG CHANG via Valverde, 8
Trezzo sull'Adda
TEL. 3487929252
FAX 0290939936

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