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Times and hours office


General secretary:

Maria G. Fazio

Delegated Officer:

Emmanuele Moriggi
Phone: 02 90933219
Email: direzione@comune.trezzosulladda.mi.it
Address: First floor, Municipality of Trezzo sull'Adda, via Roma 5


The times and hours office was established in 2006. From July 2007 to June 2009, the Office had an intermunicipal character and it was managed by the Association “Comuni per l’Adda”; in addition to the Municipality of Trezzo sull'Adda, it was the reference office for the following municipalities: Basiano, Masate, Pozzo d'Adda, Vaprio d'Adda, Grezzago and Busnago.
Since July 2009, this office has been having a municipal character again and has been managed by the General Management – Department of planning and management control.


Regional law No. 28/2004, "Regional policies for the coordination and administration of the times of the town", financed some interventions of the public administrations with two announcements, aimed at encouraging work-life balance and improving the quality of life.
The times and hours office was able to access regional grants; the activities undertaken with the 1° call enabled the drafting of the plan of the times and hours of the area of Trezzo, while with the 2° call a feasibility study on a Multipurpose Counter was carried out. A first experiment was the online counter dedicated to cultural activities "Adda Tourism-The time of culture".

Piano territoriale degli orari (Territorial plan of hours)

This plan tries out policies and strategies to promote the coordination of timing and schedules in the cities. The aim is to reconcile and harmonize the life times and working hours of citizens, by providing better access to services and public places both in terms of time and space. Since 2007, research and consultation activities within the municipalities involved have been carried out, attended by women, young people and organizations. Three purposes emerged: to promote sustainable mobility, to facilitate the access to services of public interest, to design a spatio-temporal redevelopment of the city. The plan was approved by city councils and became an operative tool with which the times office put a series of initiatives into operation: Multipurpose Counter, "out of time” public service, supra-coordination of nurseries.
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Sportello Polifunzionale d'Area dell'Adda (Multipurpose Counter of Adda Area)

The Multipurpose Counter of Adda Area is the first pilot project of the Territorial Plan of the area of Trezzo and was designed to provide better services to the citizens of all the municipalities of the area (Trezzo, Basiano, Masate, Busnago, Grezzago, Pozzo d’Adda, Vaprio d’Adda).
This project is a response to the needs of citizens regarding the availability of public services in a more compatible way with their living and working conditions, particularly with regard to women who have children and/or elderly people in their families and struggle to reconcile times and needs.
At this new counter, you'll be able to get information, deal with a case and join a cultural project in one of the 7 municipalities of the area, although this is not your municipality of residence, saving you valuable time.
To achieve this result, the 7 Municipalities have embarked on a path of cooperation between the different administrations, their departments and offices, with a view to a more effective satisfaction of the needs of citizens, especially of women, who live, work and move in the area of Trezzo.
Information services will also be available online, thus increasing the availability and usability of these services, even  those that are not present in a municipality.
Soon, other areas will be involved, such as health and sport, and more specialized and complex services will be added.
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Online counter dedicated to cultural activities" Adda Turismo - Il Tempo della Cultura" 

he site "Adda Turismo-Il Tempo della Cultura” (Adda tourism-the time of culture - www.addaturismo.it) is a system of organization and communication of initiatives and cultural events that not only enrich the lives of individual municipalities, but above all contribute to the creation of a real and complex cultural system.
Thanks to two new tools, a special interactive calendar and a newsletter, the municipalities, their initiatives, associations, organizers of events and, above all, the citizens are linked together.
Who organizes the events can thus avoid an overlapping of dates and topics, thanks to the interactive calendar that will always keep online all the events planned for the coming months.
Citizens can not only check the calendar to see what events are planned, but also keep abreast thanks to a newsletter with all the cultural proposals of the municipalities of the Adda.
A particular space will be dedicated to mothers who are too often forced to choose between fun and care for their children.

Forms can be downloaded from “SpazioPiù” section