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Town planning

Urbanistica, Edilizia, Paesaggio, Catasto

Town planning department

Supervisor: Fausto Negri
Secretary: Carmen Barzaghi
Department manager: Marco Colombo
Address: Second floor, Comune di Trezzo sull'Adda, Via Roma 5
Planning service: Marco Colombo
Email: urbanistica@comune.trezzosulladda.mi.it
Construction/landscape service: Elide Crippa, Federica Bonetti
Email: edilizia@comune.trezzosulladda.mi.it

The offices receive by appointment only on Monday and Wednesday from 9.00 to 12.00. You can fix an appointment:

Services and functions

It deals with the following activities:

  • Information about town planning tools (Territorial Administration Plan)
  • Sportello Unico Edilizia (One-stop shop for private building)
  • Information about the submission of building applications
  • Preliminary examination and issuance of planning permissions
  • Preliminary examination and issuance of building permits
  • Preliminary examination and issuance of landscape permissions according to Regional Law no. 12 of March 16, 2005
  • Preliminary examination of beginning of work declarations for construction works and production activities
  • Preliminary examination and issuance of certificates of occupancy
  • Certificates relating to construction activities - Control and supervision on the construction activities in the municipal territory
  • Archive researches
  • Archive of reinforced concrete
  • Information about the zoning and acoustic classification of the territory
  • Permissions for interventions in private gardens. This also includes the advice of an agronomist.


Piano territoriale di coordinamento provinciale (PTCP)

PGT (Territorial Administration Plan)

On December 22,2011, the Town Council approved the general revision of the PGT with resolution no. 45, published on the Official Bulletin no. 7 of February 15, 2012.


Building regulations

Update of seismic zoning

ISTAT survey

ISTAT surveys for building permissions and beginning of works declarations must be made through an online procedure on this site https://indata.istat.it/pdc/ where you must register (valid for each Municipality), fill in a form according to the type of intervention and forward it.
Subsequently, the Municipality will complete the form (the sections of its competence), write the date of withdrawal and make it available to Istat.
For more information visit the site indata.istat.it/pdc

Authorization for sewage

For applications for sewage discharge, visit the website of the Province of Milan

Managing the risks of falls

Design and maintenance of parks and gardens

Lighting plan

Acoustic zoning plan approved by Town Council’s resolution no. 66 of October 12, 2009


Parco Adda Nord: the territorial coordination plan was approved by resolution no. VII/2869 of 22.12.2000

Perimeter of the town D.L. 285/92

Primary and secondary hydrographic network approved by Town Council’s resolution no. 40 of September 27, 2007

Building permit cost and administrative charges

Value determination of building areas year 2012 for I.M.U.

Census of Banca della Terra Lombarda


The forms for online procedures are available in the Sportello Telematico SpazioPiù, all the other forms can be found in the online forms section.