Welcome to everybody! I am Bernabo’ Visconti and I will be your guide. What you see  has been created by the students of three classes: 3C, 3F, 3G from the Technical High School “Jacopo Nizzola” of Trezzo sull’Adda. The project has been sponsored by the local Council and Tourist office and supported by the Parish.

These students have asked me to show you around Trezzo, of which once I was the Lord, and help you find a hidden treasure. While playing some games, the youngest will get to know the highlights of this town.

Well then, are you ready for the adventure?

Start your walk from the Local Tourist Office where you will be given a map that shows the 5 most beautiful places in Trezzo. As soon as you reach each of these places, look for a QR code and  download your quizzes. Write your answers on the map and remember to give it back to the Local Tourist Office at the end of the tour in order to get a surprise.

The spots to see are the following:

Let’s start: explore Trezzo and find a treasure!

First name: